I was away in Allentown preparing for the next morning and the running of my 2nd St. Luke's half marathon.  The seller contacted me right after she got off the airplane in Baltimore and told me that we had sold the neighbor's house and that we were recommended!  When we met the seller said she and her husband were moving in order to be closer to the grandchildren and hoped to sell soon but they were not sure where exactly or what house they were going to be buying.  They had been looking and had not been able to find the right house although they had found one which someone else put a contract on quicker than they could since they had a house that they needed to sell.  

When we got started the seller was worries about what would happen if their house sold and they did not know where they were going.  I explained that the selling date would be totally up to them and that date can be negotiated.  Wouldn't you know it, the house they were looking at that had gone under contract became available again!  Now I had a house to sell and sell quick.  

We found a couple of wonderful buyers for the sellers house within 1 month of listing the house on the market.  We just had settlement and the buyers and sellers not only are both happy but they are also new friends!  It is always special to be part of a successful sale and see buyers and sellers turn to friends.